Friday, September 14, 2007

Makah Show, 9-13

"Mitakuye Oyasin," the Makah Whaling show, went off pretty damned well.

In order of appearance, we have: Arrigon Starr, John Talley (not at mic), Rhonda Baseler, David Liberty, Louis Sosa (not at mic), Richard Ullum (engineer), and Me. Hopefully Stella's picture showed up, but as I'm writing this thing, the technology isn't behaving.

My favorite parts of the show where Stella and her boyfriend talking about the Makah whaling from Makah and Tulalip points of view.

However, someone called in and asked that we have a point of view from the alleged environmental side. As David Liberty was quick to point out, we are the environmentalists. It wasn't us that have made the whales and salmon almost extinct. I stated that I would never have Paul Watson on my show, as the caller suggested. I hate the rotten bastard. I said I would have one of his crew members if they are allowed to talk. Well, a former crew member called. He wasn't against the Makah whaling either. He said he agreed with my assessment of the megalomaniac, Paul Watson. He said Paul Watson is a heavy self-promoter.

As well, the great Maire Cullen called in and expressed her point of view as well as gave us an important 9-11 rememberance message as it has been 358 years since Cromwell slaughtered every man, woman, child, and beast, within the walls of the town of Drogheda in Ireland.

Many thanks to the great Rhonda for getting Stella and Matt for the show.

Many thanks to Arrigon Starr, an extraordinary talent, for singing for Stella and Matt and promoting her show and redoing a song for the Makah folks.

Thanks to all who listened and who support KBOO.

I couldn't get Stella's photo on here, so go to Rhonda's blog, if you wouldn't mind.